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What We Do

“Matthew listens, listens, listens.” -Robin Loeb

“There are a million decisions in a kitchen design, and Matthew is a master of each one.” -Donn Chambers

“The kitchen went in like a dream.” -Deb Clancy



At RAO, we have designed a kitchen and put it into production, from start to finish in one week. We are also proud of a kitchen that was two years in the planning. Whatever the requirement, Rao Design Studio can remove the guess work, even fear, out of the process smoothly and effectively. We are designing for living well and intentionally; our designs support a sustainable and sustaining, beautiful as well as functional experience. We hope our process for getting you there is equally satisfying and pleasurable.


Here’s how:



“Listening, listening, listening.” RAO Design Studio is intent on ensuring a comfortable and satisfying experience throughout each phase of any design project, be it kitchen, bath, office, entertainment or closet.
Matthew meets initially with all parties and users of the kitchen or other space being designed. He carefully absorbs client programmatic requirements, assesses current and future needs and collaborates with clients to focus the overall design intentions with careful consideration of every detail.



“A million details.” In the drawing phase, Matthew clarifies and sets the proposed kitchen into finely measured and specified CAD drawings. All aspects of the design are considered and verified in the drawings: including, lighting, flooring, furnishings as well as the organizational and performance requirements of the kitchen itself, down to the last drawer insert and hinge. Hard and computer copies of all drawings and specifications are finalized for accurate ordering and construction instructions. We triple check client needs and wishes as well as drawing specifications.



‘Going in like a dream.’ RAO’s twenty year proven design and production process allows for smooth ordering, delivery, receipt, installation and construction of the finished product. Matthew and his project manager, Jane Nations, work seamlessly with vendors and professionals long associated with the firm as well as with contractors and craftspeople requested by clients. The RAO dream team of suppliers, builders, lighting experts, architects and designers have resulted in numerous award winning kitchens and clients who are often as happy with the design work as they are with the construction process.



Our Space. After the project is completed, RAO will monitor any touch up needs, service requirements and questions that might arise. Through our private online community, “Our Space,” clients can contact RAO for anything from service calls to recipe sharing. Clients will receive a courtesy service call from RAO as needed in the first year; then after two years and every five years thereafter. We want to know hear from you and what story you are telling in your kitchen. Visit Our Space from this link to read about clients’ experiences with RAO. We are pleased to share in nearly three generations of designing for living. RDS