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RAO Profile


“A spontaneous, free and richly experienced life–I imagine this to be possible for me, my clients, for everyone, everywhere, everyday.” -Matthew Rao, RAO Design Studio, Inc.


With these words, Matthew Rao, a thought and design leader, reveals a deeply rooted belief that the kitchen is a nexus for creating meaning and connection, both within the personal home and beyond. For over two decades, Matthew’s quiet but unwavering dedication to design excellence in articulating this vision has garnered local and national awards and publication. A devoted Atlanta and global community of clients, staff, and artisans support and cherish Matthew’s brilliant, positive and relational work.


Beginning in 1988 as a modernist pioneer in a staunchly traditional Southern environment, Matthew has gracefully succeeded and impacted the course of design not just in kitchens but in architecture and lifestyle, in both Atlanta and across the nation. Matthew’s design legacy is fueled by architectural, artistic, social and ecocentric passions for farm to school food initiatives, great kitchens for low income housing, public transportation, art, photography, travel and expert skiing. Whatever he does, Matthew does well and in the company of cherished friends, good food, high integrity, and inspired environments.


His design and construction framework is widely recognized for a keenly honed ethic of peak service and professionalism. Matthew’s ability to draw from a reservoir of personal spiritual practice and a stance of global citizenry facilitates rich relationships with clients and ensures experiential satisfaction with his designs and processes.