Pacific Modern - RAO Design Studio
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Pacific Modern

”His vision is second nature: you can see the wheels turning and the smoke rising the minute he walks into a space.  Then he starts sketching and the whole process has begun. His attention to detail is just exquisite. The devil, they say, is in the details, and Matthew will bulldog a design until every detail is right.”

“I recently had an experience of bringing Matthew into a project in Sausalito (California) for a couple I know very well socially and professionally.”  In trying to explain the value Matthew brings to a project, Sharon told her, “You have no idea what you have missed in the past and what your are going to enjoy. Once you’ve seen Paris, how do you go back to the farm?”

Sharon Kiss’s kitchen on the California coast was designed to support a love affair with cooking and a Pacific Ocean view. Her kitchen also reflects an award-winning, much published 40 project collaboration with Matthew Rao. “Matthew is totally positive…with a clear way of thinking…It’s clichetic to say that he really enjoys solving a problem. He never backs away from difficulty; he always addresses a challenge head on, never letting go until it’s resolved. Problem solving says a lot about a person. Matthew looks at examines, identifies and sets out possible solutions, then he prioritizes and looks at each solution methodically. He’ll come up with something completely else. I’ll always bring Matthew into a project first.  . .He is extremely generous with his knowledge. He’ll reach out and do research out of his area of expertise because he cares. He is interested in making good experiences. Matthew lightens my load from the moment he walks on a project. He’s a professional’s professional.