Keri Zink - RAO Design Studio
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Keri Zink,


CAD Modeling and Archicad


Keri joined RAO Design studio in 2004. A registered architect since 2001, Keri brings the true understanding of residential architecture to the design process, as well as the experience with Archicad, the 3d model software RDS uses to draw, render, and communicate our design and design process.


A native of Macon, GA, Keri attended NC State in Raleigh, NC, and later received her M.Arch in Architecture in Eugene, OR from the University of Oregon. Her travels took her to Europe and other parts of the USA before she returned to her native South and in particular Western North Carolina to work for a firm that specialized in authentic custom homes. (Never have worked on any log homes…)


Keri is a mom of 3 children, and having worked here at the studio in Atlanta from 2004-2006, found a small town life more to her and her husband Billy’s liking. They returned to Brevard, where they’d met, and through the marvel of the internet and the “cloud”, Keri continues her work with RDS remotely. Hiking, biking, tennis, metal-smithing and yoga are some of her other pursuits, as is helping others as a volunteer as to the President of Transylvania Youth Strings and advisory board member of Transylvania 4H.


In 2014, Keri completed the SieMatic Academy in Germany, where she saw first hand how our flagship product is conceived and made, and worked with colleagues from around the globe in developing greater knowledge about the planning of SieMatic kitchens.


Matthew D Rao, CKD

Owner and Principal


Robert Corona

Project Coordinator


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Accounts Manager


David Sabo

Installations and Fitting