David Sabo - RAO Design Studio
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David sabo

Installations and fitting


Always at home in a woodworking shop since his childhood, David has an enduring passion for tinkering and for the fine craft of cabinet-making.  During his studies of political science and law at Emory University, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree. After stints at the Sorbonne and London School of Economics, David was preparing for law school. And then he took an internship one summer working on a classic home, and found himself hooked on houses and on cabinetry. As he says it, “I chose the handyman path rather than the lawyerly one.”


Fast forward to the mid-1990’s, David and Matthew met while Matthew worked at SieMatic, and David became lead installer for his projects and those of the other designers there. David joined the team of RAO Design Studio in 2007, and has brought the personality and skill, as well as the experience to intricate kitchens that very few in his field possess. It is that thinking through at least 10 steps into the future and the analytical skill in installation, as well as his facility with tools and craftsmanship that has made David so invaluable to the studio and clients.


David is an Atlanta native. He and his wife Amy are parents of two, one boy and one girl. David’s hobbies include snow skiing, model rockets, sporting clays, and travel.


Matthew D Rao, CKD

Owner and Principal


Robert Corona

Project Coordinator


Keri Zink, RA

CAD Modeling and Archicad


Jennifer Proffitt

Accounts Manager